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Do it yourself marketing isn’t enough when you can to scale and reach new audiences, markets and build an active and loyal community.

We are all experts at something, right? Whether it’s finance, floral design, operations, creating, coding. Maybe you are an expert (or at least professionally proficient) at a lot of things, like myself.

However, there are certain things I know well, some things I know a little, and there is definitely a list of things I don’t know.

For example, if I need someone to work on my home, like renovating the bathroom, I hire licensed contractors. If I did the work myself I would likely end up with a busted pipe, flooded bathroom, and some interesting tile placement — and a bathroom that wouldn’t pass any inspections.

Just thinking about this, I can vividly visualize the mess of my bathroom reno, and the chaos (and money) this would cause me. That’s why it is shocking how many businesses are unable to see the disasters they are creating by not hiring help with the things they are indeed not experts at doing.

As a business owner, who is not a lawyer or finance/ bookkeeping expert, I know how important it is not to “do it myself” when it comes to filing taxes, tracking my revenue, billing, and budgeting for my business. That is why I hire an expert to help me be more efficient and in the end, more cost-effective. 

Yes, sometimes you do need to spend some money to make some money. This is no different when it comes to branding and marketing your business, organization or innovative product. 

Enter the expert marketer. This person or company team will do the research needed to position your business in the best possible way. This expert would do an audit and analysis of what you are doing well, what isn’t working, and what goals you need to reach for success.  

An expert would create a branding and marketing plan that would include tactics, objectives, and goals for reaching your entire client base and positively impacting your bottom line.

This expert would work with a creative team to produce quality collateral that carries a consistent theme and look, and that supports your business mission while appealing to your client base.

A marketing, branding and communications plan is an investment in the future of your business. You know your business and your ideas matter, but even the best business, organization or product is only the best if people know about it. 

So don’t hire a building contractor to develop a marketing strategy, or do try it on your own. Hire a professional branding and marketing expert.

You won’t regret it. Schedule a meeting with us today by clicking here.

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