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When developing a creative advertising campaign , creative positioning/strategy is always the best place to start. Well … after the research that helps develop your positioning is complete.

I can only imagine and speculate on the strategy that went behind the “Do it on the Bus” print ads for Halifax Regional Municipality, Metro Transit (Agency: ACART). 

This creative advertising campaign is a great example of taking a message and positioning it creatively to your target audience. Marketing something other than your product or service can communicate the message to the consumer with more of an impact.

Letting the consumer come to the conclusion that your product is the solution or alternative to their problem or situation. See more of the Halifax print ads here

Do it on the Bus, Creative advertising campaign

LHM Strategic is a full-service marketing and communications business that engages in a strategic approach for every project. With more than 10 years of communications leadership experience and web design expertise, we know what it takes to make waves in your market and will help you develop a strategy with measurable results. 

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