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It is simple, the answer is yes! Social media marketers can in fact disconnect from social media this holiday season. All it takes is planning ahead.

How to Disconnect from Managing Social Media this Holiday Season

Disconnecting from social media can seem like an impossible task for a social media marketer. I’ll be the first to admit the steps it takes to “disconnect” from social media are easy, but truly disconnecting mentally can be a challenge.

As LHM Strategics Founder and Lead Consultant, the work we do for clients and its success is always on my mind. We spend a lot of time developing strategic plans, scheduling out and creating content weeks—if not months—in advance for all our clients. Educating them on the importance of planning and publishing so they can execute with ease makes it possible to be set up for success and enable them to live life offline while content and digital platforms continue working for them.

Here is how LHM Strategic is able to disconnect and “close” our remote office doors from Dec. 12, 2020 to Jan. 4, 2021.

Step One:

Make sure your content has been created and is proofed, designed (resized for each platform) and ready to go!

Step Two:

Once you have your social content, use a scheduling platform to schedule it out! Keep in mind some platforms allow third party auto publishers and some require you to schedule directly in their platform.

If this is your first time auto publishing content, schedule a few days out before you are set to be off the clock or “disconnected.” That way any technical errors pop up before you head out.

Step Three:

Remove social media apps from your personal and work phones, yup I said it. The only way to truly disconnect from social media is by removing your apps from your phone.

Step Four:

Make sure you or someone on your team checks in every 24-48 hours to make sure things are publishing as intended and there are no rough trolls attaching your brand on social. If you have a team you can spread out the responsibility so everyone can disconnect as much as possible over your break.

Step Five:

Enjoy your social media free time! I always tell my staff and clients, there is truly no such thing as a life-threatening emergency in social media marketing. If you plan ahead, proof your content, double check your work and schedule it out there is no reason you can’t have some time away.

Can social media marketers disconnect from social media? Absolutely.

I hope this helps you enjoy time with your family and friends this holiday season a little more. You deserve it!

Don’t forget to disconnect from social media so you can, be present and enjoy! Work life balance is vital to your success.

Can social media marketers disconnect

Happy holidays everyone, we will see you in the new year!

Laurie Michaelson, APR – Founder and Lead Consultant

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