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Creative selling was used in this campaign involved creating a new product all together.

Coming up with a great print ad or TV spot  is always good, but true creative genius thinks outside the advertising box.

The objective was not to sell the pants but to keep clients engaged in a Yoga Studio. I would love to get myself a pair of these!

Problem: Cityoga studio noticed that new students often quit before completing their first month of classes. When asked why, their insight was revealed: they didn’t see quick results after the first few classes.

Solution: To prove that yoga brings results from day one, we created special Yoga Progress Pants that allowed new students to visibly measure their stretching progress. Every time they practiced, they could measure with the printed ruler how far their fingers, chest or nose reached. Witty phrases challenged them to stretch further and thus continue practicing at Cityoga.

Results: After the promo Cityoga reduced the number of new students who quit :every third beginner continued practicing after the first month of classes.

Advertising Agency: Lowe Adventa, Moscow, Russia
Creative Directors: Bruno Ribeiro, Andreas Mielenhausen
Art Director: Michael Druzhinin
Copywriter: Svetlana Popova
Published: March 2012

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