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Creating Social Media Content that Converts – Tips and Tricks

Social media content creation can be a cumbersome task. Not only does it take time, but it also requires strategy, consideration, and different approaches for every platform you post on. Making sure you are creating social media content that converts adds a whole nother layer!

Yep, every platform requires a different content strategy. Despite what many companies are doing on their social media channels (posting the same caption, image or videos), it is vital that digital marketers are creating content specifically for each individual platform to effectively execute a social media strategy.

An important factor to remember is your audience does not consume media the same across all platforms. This makes creating platform-specific content for each target audience very important.  Simply producing one video is not enough. If you do not have the ability to customize content per platform, then focusing on a single platform you think will reach most of your desired audience is the best choice.

Without this approach, you will find your content landing flat in most cases, resulting in low interaction, engagement and ability to support your set marketing goals and objectives.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Now that most of your organization’s marketing efforts have gone digital, taking some time to focus on creating social media content that converts is ideal. Getting started is the hardest part so here are some tips and tricks to creating social media content that converts.

Tips and Tricks for Creating Social Media Content that Converts:

Create a content calendar: Start with a monthly calendar and plan out as far as you can. Use this as a place to identify public holidays, sales, appreciation days (months and weeks), content strategy, and posting cadence.

Start with your copy: This is not where most people like starting and I will tell you, I am one of them. However, after more than 10 years of creating social media content I have learned your content calendar is where you should start.

Trick: Start a document with all the dates listed out. Look at your calendar, and add any important days you want to focus on for content. Write captions and identify the platforms you are posting on so you can create custom copy for each platform. Once you have your first draft, start focusing on visual media to support the copy if needed. Keep in mind this can be adjusted is things pop up, but at least you are ahead of the game with ready content ideas.

Find free stock photos and graphics: Don’t worry if you don’t have the budget for a custom photo or video shoot. Use what is out there! The wonderful thing about the digital age is there’s so much good free content out there for you to use.

Trick: Some of my go-to sites for free stock images and graphics:




Social Media Content that Converts

Want more? Check out this great post by Snappa

Use a Design App: If you do not have a graphic designer on hand take advantage of apps like LightRoom, Adobe Spark, and Canvas to create consistent branded and professional looking designs for sharing on your social platforms.

Recycle old content: This is something I am surprised more social media marketers don’t do. Take advantage of things you have produced and shared in the past that are timeless. They can be a flashback or just a continued promotion of your organization, products or services. You already invested time and money into the content so why not keep using it? If you have some long format videos, edit them down for different social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Give that continent some legs and use it.

Share other people’s content: Curate content from other sources. Find industry related articles and share them! Make sure to tag the source and give credit where credit is due. This also is a good way of growing your audience. When you tag them, there often are some crossover followers who come along and start following you.

Schedule it out: Pick a scheduling platform and schedule out all your content. This will help not only with time management, but will enable posting on each platform at optimal times, as well as provide you with a visual on content coming up.

Trick: We have used many platforms for scheduling, but our favorites for small businesses are Later and TweetDeck.


Manage your content and community:  Don’t just post and walk away. The work has just begun when it comes to social media marketing and strategy. Managing your community and engaging with followers is key to a successful campaign. Respond to questions and comments and let your audiences know you “hear” them.

We hope you find these tips and tricks for creating social media content that converts helpful, and they give you the starting push you need for creating amazing content. If this sounds like something you would prefer to outsource, you are not alone. Leaving it to the experts is also a great trick! Connect with us today to see how we can help create content for your organization or business that successfully coverts. Contact us today!

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