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Why should you be creating evergreen content?

Creating evergreen content for your business should be on every digital marketer’s to-do list. No matter industry you are in, creating evergreen content for your social and digital media efforts is priceless.

Evergreen content is a term mostly used in the online marketing realm. If you’re involved with SEO or digital marketing, chances are you probably heard this term at least once or twice. If you haven’t, you may ask what evergreen content is and how does it apply to marketing, your personal blog, or even your business? Well, let us provide you some insight into just that. 

Creating Evergreen Content for Your Business

Evergreen content is content that is relevant, always “fresh,” and can be used interchangeably any time of year. It is always relevant, never gets outdated, hence the name evergreen.

When writing blog content, or any type of information-based content for that matter, it is important to ask yourself, “Can this continue to be relevant in the future?” In other words, is it information for just the moment or can it be used again and still be applicable? There is no specific timeframe for evergreen content. In some cases, it could last forever. The key to this type of content is whether tomorrow or in six months, the topic is still useful and relevant to your audience. 

Let me let you in on a little secret: by developing evergreen content, your posts can still be engaging, interesting and promote your brand, despite the misconceptions that evergreen content can get boring or lack engaging content. It also can inform other seasonal content and help provide more detailed and supportive information to your readers. As a marketer, it saves you time when planning a content calendar that spans more than one month up to possible a year, and repetition of important key brand information familiarity and lasting brand recognition.

With so much information being communicated through blogs and other types of online platforms, it is vital that you know what content can be indeed live on and be recycled and what content cannot be. As you learned in our social media content creation post, content that can be recycled and refurbished time and time over can be extremely valuable and time saving. As a marketer, it saves you time when planning a content calendar that spans more than one month up to possibly a year, and repetition of important key brand information influences familiarity and lasting brand recognition.

Creating evergreen content can at times be difficult. What truly defines content that can live on? How in-depth should you go and where do you start? The following are useful tips for creating evergreen content and using it in your digital marketing endeavors.

Tips for creating evergreen content and how to use it effectively: 

  1. Narrow your topics – Make sure you aren’t being too broad with your content. Pick a specific topic and write about it. Be thorough with your wording, link topics together, and take more time on it than you usually would with another piece of content. Address content specifically centered on your business or brand.
  2. Make sure the content serves purpose – This means picking content that could be helpful at any point, not just during a specific time of the year. For example, instead of writing about how to optimize your content during the holiday season, try something like, “How to start your own personal blog,” or “What do I need to do to create a successful Facebook ad?” 
  3. Ask yourself what your clients need to know – This will vary by industry, but what are some FAQs can an evergreen post address? Develop content that assists your stakeholders and provides value to them and your organization.
  4. Promote evergreen content on social media – The advantage of this type of content is it can be posted several times to your social media platforms because it is continuously relevant. We like referring to it as recycle, reuse, and reduce. Use previously devolved content with a refreshed post resulting in reduced time creating new content.
  5. Link to evergreen blog content in other posts – By linking your evergreen content to other posts you are driving more traffic to your page, promoting your brand, and keeping the content fresh for your audience. This also is vital for your SEO. In addition, you can develop “sister posts” to accompany the evergreen content, diving deeper into a topic, or providing seasonal info on the topic.

We hope you find these tips for creating evergreen content useful for your brand! Remember to blend reliable, reusable content into your blog posts and give your audience the information they need to be successful. Connect with us to see how we can help you develop the necessary evergreen content to incorporate into your blog or social content. Contact us today!

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