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CF Warrior Project

CF Warrior Project

The CF Warrior Project did not have any digital assets so developing them was a priority before launching the movement and publishing the CF Warrior Project book.

LHM created the custom graphics, photography and design demonstrating the mission of the project. The website required separate submission forms, donation integrations, and the ability to lead into the greater message of the content.

During this process LHM also worked on branding the CF Warrior Project and developed a fundraising campaign and book launch strategy.

The social media and PR strategy included building an online community supporting the project’s mission, developing content, pitching digital and traditional media, and using social media for connecting with other advocates in the space. 

LHM Strategic worked with Andy Lipman from start to finish, resulting in a well-branded movement, successful book launch, and national media hits.

Project Overview

More than a book...

Client Andy Lipman contracted with LHM Strategic to assist in the marketing and communications plan for his book, The CF Warrior Project: 65 Stories of Triumph Against Cystic Fibrosis. After the initial discovery and research phase, LHM identified an opportunity to connect the client’s book with his foundation to catalyze publicity and overall success of both ventures. 


LHM developed a social media marketing strategy; the CF Warrior Project brand and movement; his website cfwarriorproject.org; and a PR strategy resulting in local and national media coverage. Since we are here to brag, we also helped this client reach his ultimate professional goal of being a live guest on the Today show in NYC.