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Branding and Brand consistency are extremely important to establishing a recognizable and trusted brand among your target audience. Branding on social media is not something that can just be addressed passively. It takes intention and ongoing effort to not only keep the brand visuals in line but to share and create content that amplifies your brand’s voice consistently.

Visual Brand Vs. Brand Feeling

Establishing and maintaining your visual brand is important, but relatively straightforward. Focus on using your logo, icons, and brand colors, as well as photography, graphics and videos that embody the visual style of your brand. Developing a visual social media branding guide can be helpful in maintaining your visual brand consistently across all your social media accounts.

Brand feeling is something different from your visual brand. It is a concept embodying how your target audience and consumers feel when engaging with your brand, products, or services. Think of the “vibe” of your brand. What vibe or feeling do you want those who visit your social media profiles and consume your content to walk away with?

Brand Consistency

Consistency is key to branding on social media. Think of it this way; if you use the same profile image on all your social media profiles, your target consumer will recognize you across platforms. This can increase their trust in the authenticity of your brand as well as help with account growth from one platform to the next.

Consistency is achieved by using the same profile image, the same logo format, cover artwork (resized the right format ,of course), similar copy tone and messaging.

brand consistency on social media

Why is branding on social media important?

Just like all marketing and communication channels, digital and social media marketing should be consistent across the Internet. Having a consistent brand benefits your company in the following ways:

Aside from the business impacts above, your brand can have an impact on your organic reach on social media platforms. Whether on or offline, branding is an important component to marketing and communications success. Simple things like consistency of logos, fonts and colors can have a huge impact on how your brand is perceived and trusted online.

The good news is making sure your visual brand is intact can be simplified. Maintaining a constant brand tone can be slightly more difficult, but with intention and a clear definition of how it should be portrayed you can find a rhythm for success. Need help developing a social media branding guide?

You’re in luck! LHM Strategic can help you do just that! Connect with us today.

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