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Branding is vital to the success of Marketing and Communication efforts for any organization. Without a clear brand vision or strategy, your marketing and communications efforts will fall flat, and quite frankly you will be leaving money and opportunities on the table.

Successful branding is just as much strategic as it is creative. Companies can no longer get away with a pretty logo and font. While having a constant brand look and standards is very important, it is also important to focus on a few other things.

The way our culture is consuming media has taken a dramatic shift over the past few years. With an obsession for social media, our stakeholders are taking the brand with them, consuming media everywhere and engaging with your brand in their everyday lives. If you do not line up with your ideal consumer, they will pass you by or unfollow you faster than they found you.

Brand loyalty is something that takes more effort these days and developing a brand strategy is no longer a luxury, it is necessary to survive.

Two components to branding of that I often see marketing and non-marketing professionals skip over are a clearly defined Brand Philosophy and Brand Feeling.

Brand Philosophy is the belief that your brand or organization strives to cultivate through your brand communication. Like a life philosophy, what does your organization stand by? This can be very different across industries, B2B, consumer product or service brands, and nonprofit organizations. Simply put, your brand philosophy is the standard that your brand represents.

It is important to have a defined understanding of your brand philosophy because it helps shape your communications efforts, the channels you communicate through, and the tone of your content. This will aid in brand consistency and help your marketing and communications team strategically plan their branding and marketing efforts.

Example Brand Philosophy:

LHM Strategic believes that research and strategic planning are the foundation of success when it comes to Marketing and Communication. We believe in providing insight that will move the needle in a measurable way. We provide our clients with an ROI for their marketing efforts, as well as a platform to showcase their success and enhance their brand.

Brand Feeling is the way you make your stakeholders feel while consuming your brand. This sets the tone for creative efforts. Ultimately, the brand feeling is exactly what it sounds like — it is the emotional reaction your brand elicits from consumers and stakeholders.

All your marketing and communications efforts should personify this feeling. Marketing is most successful when your audience can have an emotional response to your brand. The message you put out should reflect how you want consumers feeling about your brand when they see it.

So, is that happy, excited, loyal, empowered? There are so many ways brands and marketing can make people feel and respond emotionally. Having a consistent brand feeling will have a positive influence on your brand perspective.

Example Brand Feeling:

LHM Strategic strives to provide informed strategies that are strategically creative. Our results provide our clients with the confidence and insight needed to move the needle for their organizations.

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