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Board of director training. 3 Tips for developing a more productive and active Board of Directors (BOD).

At LHM Strategic, we work with several nonprofit organizations on growing their missions, improving their brand perceptions, and growing their development efforts. 

A starting place for improvement with most nonprofits is with the Board of Directors. Having an active and impactful BOD can be instrumental to an organization’s success. Ideally, your board helps with shaping and determining organizational strategic goals and has your organization’s best interest in mind.

Most board members are volunteers, so getting them engaged and active long term can be challenging. While they are on the board because of passion for your mission, their own personal and professional responsibilities are forefront in their minds. 

3 Tips for Board of Director Training

Here are THREE helpful tips for working with and developing your BOD into becoming one of your organization’s biggest assets!

  1. Every Member Donates! This seems like a given but, it is shocking how many boards we work with that don’t have 100% board giving participation. This is a simple fix. Simply update your board’s rules of engagement and include giving as mandatory for board members. Keep in mind some members do not have the means to give at the same level as others, so make sure they know it is not the dollar amount that counts, and in fact, can be in the form of in-kind or discounted services your organization needs. 
  2. Make event participation mandatory. Sometimes making sure everyone shows up can be a big challenge. Let board members know they are expected to participate (within reason) in all your fundraising events. It can be as simple as buying tickets or volunteering at check-in, but their presence demonstrates a commitment to your mission and the people you serve.
  3. Educate them on the giving pyramid. This helps with strategic planning and development goal setting. It is a simple visual way to break down types of donors, and their importance to your end goal and the organization’s development efforts.
Source:Juan A. McGrueder

Educating your board members and making sure they understand the significance of their role in supporting your organization is fundamental for having a successful, productive Board of Directors.

If you need help ramping up your board participation or on strategic planning with your BOD and Leadership team, ask LHM Strategic how we might assist in the process. Strategic planning is vital for a successful nonprofit, and a board’s input can make or break your development and organizational goals. 

Schedule a meeting with us today to get the board of director training by clicking here.

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