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Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Website’s Speed

easy ways to improve your websites speed

When looking to improve your websites SEO there are several factors that come into play. One of the most overlooked website improvement is speed. Website speed is vital to good SEO for any website, so here are three quick and easy ways to improve your websites site’s speed today.

  1. Resize your images. Large image files slows down your site’s load. Resizing or compressing your images or site media will improve the load time and in truth, improve your overall website site speed. Here are some plugins to try.
  2. Remove plugins you are not using. Inactive Plugins will add unused code and css to your site and slow it down. By removing anything you are not using on your current site you can instantly improve your websites page speed.
  3. Remove any media or other files from your site currently not being used. There are several plugins for this as well. Remember anything your site doe not need to run is just dead weight when it comes to page speed and load time. Removing dead weight will improve you over all speed and improve your SEO.

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