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2021 Social Media Marketing Trends Your Brand Needs to be Ready For!

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic this year, the time people have spent online has drastically increased, which includes the way they research brands, products, and view a company’s overall business tactics. Businesses are incorporating new strategies and tactics for building stronger connections with consumers, as well as taking a firm and loud stance on what they believe in even if it is controversial or politically charged.

There’s been a seismic shift in online marketing trends and we identified some your company needs to know about as we take on 2021.

  1. Making your position known – This is a concept far beyond just your brand making a statement of support to BLM. Brands need to intentionally address what they stand for. Incorporating this stance into your 2021 business plan of action can help grow your online community, and engage your stakeholders in meaningful conversation and actions surrounding your brand.
  2. Pay attention to the new Instagram GuideWhen it comes to gearing up for 2021 social media strategy, especially in terms of Instagram, you want to stay up to date on the latest trends. Guides are a brand new way to share and consume content on Instagram. Have you heard of them? They enable users to follow selective posts with commentary, which is great for tips, recommendations and reviews. This will be a game-changer for marketers as this will increase reach on posts. Learn more about Instagram Guides here.
  3. Reels spark more exposure – The most popular current content trend on Instagram has been on Reels. It seems platforms like Instagram are moving swiftly toward prioritizing short-term video content. Could this hot new trend be taking over the way we view content on Instagram? Reels can be 15 or 30 seconds long and are super easy to piece together. Start thinking video first when strategizing your social content for 2021 to stay ahead of the video curve. Read more about Instagram Reels here.
  4. Be authentic – Brands are learning that being transparent, honest and unique is now perceived as a requirement on social media. This is especially important if you are targeting Gen Z, but overall authenticity is a key factor to social media marketing success, and it is only going to grow in importance in 2021.
  5. Going Live – With events canceled this year, video and webinars are on the rise. Live video is a quick and effective way of connecting with users and getting your message across. Social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, prioritize live content in algorithms. Live streaming is a great way of connecting with your consumers, for sharing announcements and important information, or helping assert your brand as an industry thought leader. This is one trend that’ll only get more popular with marketers! looking for some tips for going live?

All of us at LHM Strategic are excited about moving on from 2020 and embracing 2021 with open “virtual” arms. A new age of communications and marketing is here, and we are energized about connecting, engaging and building communities online for all our amazing brand and organizational clients. As digital marketing agency LHM Strategic is dedicated in helping our clients embrace this major shift in marketing and communications.

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Want to join in on the fun? Contact us today and let’s discuss how to tackle your 2021 digital strategy together.

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