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5 Things to Include in Your 2020 Digital Marketing Strategy

Planning your marketing strategy for 2020 should be well in the works if not close to completion. Since digital marketing is no longer an “emerging” media or platform for businesses to reach their stakeholders, it is essential to the success of almost every business (no matter your industry). Digital media changes with the blink of an eye, so staying on top of trends, new platforms, and opportunities is vital for your marketing strategy.

There are a few platforms and digital marketing opportunities you should look out for in 2020. Making sure you consider how you can weave these into your 2020 digital marketing plan will put you one step ahead of your competitors.

1. Podcasts: The conversion rate for advertising on podcasts is around 60%! That is crazy high for any digital or traditional platform. Figuring out what podcasts you can partner or collaborate with in 2020 will, without a doubt, have a return on investment for you next year.

Podcasting in 2020 and other 2020 digital marketing trends
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2. TikToc: Some social media platforms come and go quickly but the new platform TikToc does not seem to be going anywhere. The impressive thing about this video-based social media platform is the amount of organizational reach content potentially has regardless of followers, as opposed to platforms like Instagram and Facebook whose reach is often bought or reserved for celebrity level followings.

3. Digital Media Hits: Focus your PR efforts on landing earned media on the web. Sure, with traditional media hits there is clout and prestige, but with digital hits comes more website traffic, online engagement and in turn, a much further return on effort for landing said media.

4. Local Influence: Influencer marketing is huge, as it should be. But focusing on local micro influence can have a huge impact on your reach and brand influence overall. If you are not just located in one place, focus on identifying some key markets and develop influencer campaigns and events with local influencers who are already engaged in your brand. Read more tips on influencer marketing: https://lhmstrategic.com/influencer-marketing/

local influencers, how to use influencer marketing . 2020 digital marketing trends
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5. Email: This old maid and black sheep of digital marketing is still one of the easiest and most effective methods. Make sure growing your email list is part of your digital marketing strategy for 2020. If you have a robust list already make sure you are utilizing it for announcing promotions, sales, new products and services.

With all this said, making sure you have an integrated marketing and communications plan is key to marketing success no matter which year are in. When planning for 2020, integrate your digital and social strategy with your overall marketing plan for maximum impact. Focusing on 2020’s digital marketing trends should not be the focus of your efforts, it takes integration.

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