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Keeping your brand constant across all your digital and social media platforms can be challenging. There are many factors that can influence your ability of keeping your brand consistent. The larger the company or brand the more employee hands on the social media accounts or content. Things can get messy fast and there’s nothing more damaging than an inconstant brand message! Well, maybe there’s something, but it definitely can have a negative effect on your efforts and ability to build your online community, make sales, or position your brand as an industry leader.

Here are 17 tips for keeping your brand consistency on Social Media:

  1. Maintain a cohesive aesthetic on ALL platforms.
  2. Share content that is engaging, fun, and visually represents your brand in a constant tone and aesthetic.
  3. Stick with platforms right for your brand.
  4. Understand how content performs on each social media platform so you can adjust your content for each one.
  5. Use the same profile image and cover artwork for all platforms so you’re easily recognizable. (Make sure to resize images and artwork appropriately.)
  6. Use the same @______ name for each platform.
  7. Use the same fonts and color scheme in your graphics.
  8. Identify target audiences and market to them.
  9. Establish your brand and brand tone by sharing consistent content with the same tone and feel.
  10. Create templates for employees to use when creating social media content.
  11. Show personality/be personable; don’t make it seem like you are plopping in information or just copying and pasting.
  12. Create video content, reels, and insta stories consistent with your aesthetic.
  13. Seek relationships with customers. Respond back to them promptly and reply when people @mention you or share your content.
  14. Create your posting schedule and plan your posts out in advance, then use an auto publisher to execute with ease.
  15. Make your presence known. Always have your logo and other brand features visible on your profile and in your content.
  16. Stay authentic to your brand.
  17. Develop a social media branding guide for you and you team to reference when creating, sharing or engaging with your and social media platforms

Consistency is key in branding on and offline, but these tips should keep  your team on brand, and establish consistency across your digital platforms. Here is snapshot of what the LHM Strategic agency brand looks like across al our social media platforms.

example of Maintaining a Constant Brand On Social Media

Maintaining a constant brand on social media needs to be intentional but when done right will make a big impact! For a list of our favorite apps and tools for creating content with consistent branding on social media click here. Still need help? Let us know!

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