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Nonprofits and Social Media Marketing

It is about time the nonprofits embraced social media marketing. Just like any other business or industry, a strategic digital and social media presence offers so many benefits.

Social media marketing is not a new concept. Marketers have been using social media platforms to reach their ideal audiences, increases sales, awareness and generate leads for more than a decade now. However, despite the interruption of social media and our culture’s extremely fast adaption to technology, business and organizations alike are still not incorporating social media into their marketing, development and overall strategic plans.

If you are one of those nonprofit leaders on the fence or struggling with finding the time (or budget) for social media, this is for you. Social media marketing can serve many purposes for your nonprofit. Let us break it down for you.

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10 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Benefit from Social Media Marketing:

Fundraising:  One of the most basic ways including social media can help is increasing your fundraising efforts. This can be for an immediate-need campaign, ongoing ask, or capitol campaign. Just like promoting a product or service this will take a strategic plan, but when done with intention, success is almost always a guarantee.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: Social media has the unique benefit of connecting your organization with all your stakeholders’ communities online. Develop a peer-to-peer focused fundraising plan for igniting this asset and see the power of social media as it brings in new donors and support you never new existed.

Build Awareness: Get the word out about your mission by sharing it with your online community. Tell your organization’s story with a content marking campaign for sharing milestones and achievements with your followers. Social media gets you in front of your audience, sharing when and where you like. Utilize that to increase and build awareness online.

Perception Improvement: With awareness building comes perception. Social media is a great place to improve the perception of your organization. Share all the good you are doing, connect with your community online, engage and interact with community partners, and look for strategic opportunities for collaborating online with other organizations and stakeholders such as clients and current donors.

Build Community: Provide a place for conversation, advocacy and support! This can be done in many ways via social media (i.e. groups on Facebook, etc.), hence the name “social” media. End users are there to do just that—socialize. Creating content for driving conversations, connecting community members and providing support as a host for the conversation goes a long way for a nonprofit. Building a strong online community increases awareness and results in more monetarysupport for your organization.

Increase Employee Morale: Due to the nature of the nonprofit industry and the toll the work can take on employees, incorporating your employees in your social media plan has great benefits. Spotlight employees in your content plan, share their stories, congratulate them for their work, and find ways to showcase how amazing they are. In turn, they will be more satisfied with their work and it likely will result in an improved perception of your nonprofit.

Involve Employees in Your Development: In addition to touting employees online, develop strategies alongside your development campaigns and activate your employees in sharing your efforts with their online communities. Create campaign kits and easy ways for them to share and promote your efforts on social media. This will benefit them (because after all they are employed by you), as well as significantly increase your campaign’s reach on- and offline.

Help HR Recruit: Nonprofit work is not always glamorous or high paid but attracting the right employees and volunteers to your mission is vital. Use content marketing via storytelling for showcasing employees’ passion for your mission. Show the community the passion your team has for their work. This will intrigue potential employees who share similar passions and values to come work with you toward your mission.

Promote an Event: Yes, most events are online these days, but Social Media is still the best place to promote your event to the masses. Create an event listing on your Facebook page and use that to invite and update attendees on the sponsors and other logistics. This also is a place to provide more value to sponsors of the event by giving them call outs and spotlights.

Thank Your Supporters:  Donors and community partners, just like your employees, appreciate public kudos every now and then. Develop a social media strategy specifically for donor acknowledgement or community partnership appreciation. You can even offer social media posts and content as a benefit to sponsorships and partnerships. This will increase the ROI for financial support from corporations.

This list could go on and on, but these 10 suggestions are great starting points for any nonprofit. We would love to strategize with you! Contact us today to see how we can partner to catalyze your mission using social media.

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