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As mentioned in Engagement Vs. Interactivity, there is a difference between social media engagement and interactivity. Of course, there is value in engagement and some forms of engagement like clicking on links and sharing content is a way of measuring interactivity. Encouraging Interactivity on social media will achieve more than just engagement it will improve your social media efforts ROI.

However, we encourage you to move beyond focusing on engagement and create a strategy and content that will drive interaction. “How?” you might ask. Let us help get you started with these 10 ways to encourage interactivity with your content.

10 Ways to Encourage Interactivity on Social Media

  1. Capitalize on User Generated Content (UGC): There are so many reasons why this drives interactivity. People love when brands share their content and include them in the brand’s social media posts. Make sure to give credit to the creator and tag the user when you share. You can also contact them via DM, letting them know you shared their content and thanking them for supporting your brand.
  2. Be social: This can be hard for brands, but social media marketing success requires brands to take on a more human role. The more you show your followers there are real people behind the content, the more they will engage with you and ultimately perform your KPI’s.
  3. Ask: Yes, just ask. Ask your followers to comment, click on the link and share something specific about what they just consumed. 
  4. Time-Limited Promotions: Give followers a time-limited promotional code! This will encourage them to click the link or add that item to their cart that they have been eyeballing the past few weeks.
  5. Provide value: Make sure the content you are sharing is providing your audience value of some sort. This can be informative or even some kind of freebee. Either way your content should always provide value. Value drives interactivity.
  6. Post at the right time of day: Know when your followers are on the social media platform you are sharing to. Make sure to schedule and share content when they are more likely to be using that platform. This is simple to figure out by looking at your insights. 
  7. Play on emotion: Emotion drives everything in advertising, so use it! Create headlines or captions that provoke emotion to drive an action, aka interactivity. For example: Use shocking headlines or phrases like you will never believe this! Or Psst. We have a Secret to tell you. Or This is EXACTLY what you have been looking for! Etc.
  8. Tell them there will be value: When creating content for reels and stories, tell your viewers there will be value for them. You can do this by simply saying it or using a text pop-up to get ready to screenshot because they will want this info later. 
  9. Get them to the end: It is important for users to stay on your content for it’s duration. If you are creating a video, give them a reason to stick around. Use callouts like “watch ‘til the end,” or get them to read your captions by saying they will “learn more” if they do.
  10. Create content meant for users to engage with: This can be done in a lot of ways, but some more interactive examples would be asking them to fill out a survey and share it on their profile. Give incentive for sharing or using your content in their stories. 

Overall both engagement and interactivity are important. However, we encourage you to strive for more than likes and comments. Start being intentional with your content creation and planning and you will see a big difference in your social media ROI.

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