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Social media has become an important element of digital marketing for every business regardless of size. The digital marketing mix is the most valuable asset in most companies’ marketing mix. Coming up with social media content ideas for your brand regularly can be challenging.

Social media is cost effective and easy to implement if you have the right tools and guidance. Many businesses still are figuring out how to create content best fitting their brand for their social media channels.

Fresh ideas for your social media content

However, it isn’t always easy to come up with fresh new content all the time. That’s why we put together a list of content ideas you can incorporate into your own content calendar.

Creating content consumers want to engage with is important. Developing engaging content is possible, with these quick and efficient tips you can grow your social media presence, increase your following, and build an engaging online community.

Social Media Content Ideas

10 Social Media Content Ideas

  1. Share blog posts – If you have a company blog, make sure you are sharing content to social media platforms with direct links, allowing consumers to check out what the businesses they are interested in are doing. This can be anything from a few short tips, insider developments, or top social trends. Don’t forget to add a compelling graphic that fits what your blog post is talking about. Incorporate a caption enticing consumers to visit the full blog post. You can create Pin’s for Pinterest, Reels for Instagram and much more using content you have already spent the time developing.
  2. Share behind the scenes – Building a trusting relationship with consumers is key. An efficient way of doing this is giving them a behind-the-scenes look into what you do as a company, who you are, and what your goals are. Use social media for giving your audience a snapshot into a day in the life of your business. Post highlights of your company’s creative side, your workplace and content prepping. Include what you’re working on and what you are improving on. Business transparency is everything!
  3. Highlight your employees – Put a face to your brand. Showcasing real people working for your business can build a personal connection and help your audience engage with what you do. Consumers want to see who is behind the action. 
  4. Team member take overs- Let someone on your team create behind-the-scenes content for you! This can be produced ahead of time and you can schedule a day to share the content in your stories, giving your followers a different perspective and something new and interesting.  
  5. Go Live – Lots of businesses are making the switch to live videos, in addition to posting videos in their feeds. With such emphasis about working online recently, businesses are catching onto the game with live video content. This is a great way to host events and Q&As, and give a sneak preview of a project or content. However, preparation is key to a successful live event, so make sure to plan ahead.
  6. Share UGC- If you are lucky enough to have consumers creating User Generated Content (UGC) with your product service or brand and tagging you, ask their permission to share that content with your followers. It is a great way to build brand loyalty and connect with your biggest fans on social media.
  7. Instagram stories – Highlight your content! Instagram stories often get overlooked but are great tools for businesses to use when promoting content. Get creative with stories and save them as highlights on your profile for users to come back and look at later. Share new and old posts, reminding followers to check out your feed content.
  8. Create a time-lapse video – This is a fun way of showing the creative process of something, or someone conducting a service, etc. Record your team demonstrating a product or service and share it as a time-lapse video on your feed or in stories.
  9. Tips and Tricks Posts – Are there any good tips or tricks to getting the most out of your product or service? Well, share them! Create content sharing tips and tricks with your followers. This can be in a feed post or in video form, such as a reel or IGTV video.
  10. Take a poll – If you use Instagram or Twitter, polls are an entertaining way of engaging with your followers. Post in stories or tweet poll questions related to your brand. Things like, “Who is ready for the weekend?” or, “Do you like…” this or that go a long way with getting followers engaged with you on social media.

Incorporate some of these content ideas into your marketing strategy on your social platforms. Building content is easy when you have the right tools! Keeping your followers engaged is vital to a successful social media marketing strategy. Staying consistent and engaging is important but can be challenging.

Connect with us today to see how we can help create engaging content for your online community.

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