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Like most “emerging” marketing strategies and tactics, social media marketing has proven over time it’s worth. Just like old habits, marketers and their leadership teams tend to find it hard moving past their preconceived notions and adopting these processes. So, to help improve the reputation of social media marketing we are debunking 10 of its most common myths.

10 Social Media Marketing Myths

  1. It is easy to do: I teach Social Media Marketing as an adjunct lecturer and always start my class off with this point. Social Media Marketing is not easy. It takes strategy, creativity, good storytelling skills, and so much more to be successful. Not to mention the community management.
  2. Social Media Marketing is Free: False. Social media marketing requires a budget just like any other marketing strategy or tactic. Even if you are just posting a status your time is worth something, right?
  3. Anyone can be a Social Media Marketer: Well, technically this is true but not everyone can get a return on investment from his or her efforts.
  4. Social Media Marketing does not work for B2B: This one is not true in the slightest. B2B marketers can benefit greatly from social media marketing. I would even say because of the higher value of conversions, they benefit more. Let’s also not forget the relationship building happening on social media platforms.
  5. You should be on every platform: Not unless you have the team and budget to be everywhere. First, find the platforms your target consumer is using and start there. Doing one or two right will go much further than spreading out the same content across multiple platforms.
  6. You need to post every day: Not at all. Depending on the platform and type of content your posting cadence will vary.
  7. Facebook is on its way out: Yes, the platform leans to an older demographic than it once did, but it remains the largest social media platform with over 2.6 billion people using the platform worldwide.  So, for the right demographic, Facebook still works.
  8. Auto publishing impacts your organic reach: Not true. There are more benefits than negatives to scheduling content. Just make sure to use the analytics, and pick the right time and day per platform.
  9. Follower count is most important: Just like we say about Influencer follower count, the number of followers or likes your profile has does not make or break your social media marketing success. 100 dedicated followers and brand supporters (who will purchase a product or services) are more profitable and valuable than 10,000 that won’t.
  10. Pinterest is only for bloggers and home improvement brands: If you want to drive traffic to your website Pinterest is for you. If you are creating digestible content, tips, or great visuals, being strategic can garner a high ROI from focusing on Pinterest Marketing Strategy.
Social Media Marketing Myths

Just like email marketing, social media marketing is often overlooked or approached as a passive effort by companies and brands. However, with some strategy, good content, and consistency you will find the ROI is far more than traditional methods of marketing. You will also discover social media marketing worth your team’s time and consideration.

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